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All the products in our Simple Collection are made from Italian veg tanned leather.  The natural process of vegetable tanning means that the leather comes complete with natural flaws and growth marks that the hide develops during its life as an animal skin.  There are also times when our wonderful craftsmen and women leave their mark during making or cut the leather a little thinner than usual.

Personally our preference is for a smooth finish - free of marks and blemishes… but occasionally this is unavoidable.

We have a small stock of 'Rebels' - each unique, complete with natural markings or slight scuffs for up to 50% off.


Perfect for keeping your keys neatly wrapped up and your phone from getting scratched.

The Simple Key Wrap comfortably fits 4 to 5 keys. We recommend keeping larger car keys and fobs outside of the leather wrap.

The stainless steel wire rope presses and snaps open for easy loading of keys, whilst a simple stud keeps the Key Wrap securely closed.

Designed & Made in England.

The Chalk leather is a creamy white and there are some tiny flecks in the leather.  This is due to the natural process of tanning.


      - Fits up to 5 keys

      - Italian vegetable tanned leather

      - High quality stainless steel wire rope

                - String & washer envelope packaging



                  REBEL - SIMPLE KEY WRAP - CHALK

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